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COVID-19 Scare: Rural folks in Wa West refuses to visit health centers

Some sick rural folks from the Poyentanga in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region are refusing to visit their health cen… Read more

Tourism and projections on safety protocols

The tourism industry is one of the most severely affected by the outbreak of the pandemic. According to the Tourism Worldwide Sta… Read more

Focus on COVID-19: Bleak future for malnourished children in Wa West

Seven-month-old Dery (not real name) who is diagnosed with Severe Acute Malnutrition is currently battling for survival at the St… Read more

The impact of COVID-19 on primary healthcare in Ghana, the case of expectant mothers

Over the past three months, many pregnant women have found themselves in a dilemma of choosing between missing antenatal clinic v… Read more

COVID-19 Impact On PWDs And How Families Are Coping

Nyavor Dodzi is a 41 year old man suffering from multiple disabilities. He cannot walk; stand nor sit for 2 hours. Dodzi has bee… Read more

Doubting Thomases, indiscipline cause of spike in covid-19 cases in Ho

It has been almost six months since the world announced the presence of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS… Read more